Mobile app maker specialist

since 2012

What we do

We work on each production step of projects connected to the mobile work: needs-and-means analysis, defining objectives and features, design and user interface, iOS and Android programming, project management, acceptance testing, distrubution of mobile apps, maintenance.


Here is a list of all technologies we embedded : in-App purchases, Apple Pay payments, Google Pay payments, Stripe payments, PayPal payments, location-based services, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Beacons, NFC, Login with Facebook, Login with Instagram, Login with Gmail, camera use, generating files, video streaming, scanner, encryption.

Some numbers

Number of native mobile apps produced: 62
iOS and Android apps maintained today: 15 (03/01/2019)

New users of our productions:
• 2012: 6,000
• 2013: 16,000
• 2014: 26,000
• 2015: 396,000
• 2016: 311,000
• 2017: 330,000
• 2018: 333,000

And finally, yes, our website is not the most beautiful. If you would allow us, we are more dedicated into allocating resources to the missions we are assigned to.